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Short Works

Carol writes regularly for several local, national, and international publications. Below are links to articles and websites where her writings can be found.


Reinventing Farming - The Register Citizen
May 11, 2021


This is a photo of the Ridgway Farm in Cornwall, Connecticut. Sugaring, the first harvest of the season, has been deeply affected by climate change, causing farmers in the northeast to be more careful of trees that haven't had the long deep frosts that used to be the mainstay of maple trees. 


Read the full article here.


Ronnybrook and A Century of Osofsky Farmers

March 2018 (Page 33)

Ronnybrook Dairy sits on a wide expanse of pastureland about a mile north of Route 199 in northern Dutchess County, NY, just west of Pulver Corners. Coming onto the 750-acre farm owned by Rick and Ronny Osofsky, two brothers in their seventies, what you see are a few stray cows wandering about, half a dozen cars parked higglypiggly around an old tree; a two-story bungalow that serves as offices for the brothers, Rick's daughter Kate, and a couple of employees, a large barn where... [continue reading...]

Returning to School Late in Life
September 2017
(Page 39) Over forty years had passed since I’d been a student when I registered for a course at Hartford Seminary. Although I had taught writing at local libraries, and am a constant reader and writer, graduate school (which I had plowed through dur- ing the rough years of Vietnam War protests) had left me with an allergy to formal schooling... [continue reading]

Hidden Houses of Worship
June 2016 
Most of us easily recognize our New England countryside by the traditional white or brick Protestant churches that anchor the villages, their white spires often visible from a distance. Yet these days most New England communities are also home to Catholic churches, as well as smaller Protestant denomina- tions that may not be housed in traditional churches. As for our mosques, temples, and other houses of workshop, it’s easy to miss them as we drive by. [continue reading]