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The Jewish Federation Connecting with Community series presents A Chance for Land and Fresh Air: Russian Jewish Immigrants Became Farmers 1907-1940 The exhibit is installed at The Sharon Ct. Historical Society through March 2017.

Explore the history that began with the Russian pogroms in the 19th century that prompted the flight of hundreds of thousands of Jews, most of whom settled in New York City, with cultural anthropologist, author and guest curator of the Sharon Historical Society, Carol Ascher.

This free program is part of the Federation’s Connecting With Community Series and will be followed by a kosher hot lunch. Lunch is a $2 suggested donation for adults over 60 years of age or $7 for all others. Advance reservations are required for lunch and can be made by calling (413) 442-2200 before 9 a.m. on the day of the program.

Monday, November 14
10:45am - 12noon
Congregation Knesset Israel
16 Colt Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Nancy Maurice Rogers
413-442-4360 x 15

"Abrahams Four Daughters"
Abraham’s Daughters: An Interfaith Conversation
Carol Ascher, Eileen Epperson, Nancy Latif and Vjosa Qerimi, women of Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds, will share their personal religious journeys, and what they cherish in their faiths.

Congregation Beth David offers this presentation to give those present the courage and tools to share their own tender desires and concerns regarding faith and to respond to others in a way that is affirming. Our presentation grew out of a week-long intensive at Hartford Seminary, “Building Abrahamic Partnerships.” Abraham’s Daughters hopes to inspire the interest and the desire for more people to engage in interfaith conversations.

The event begins with the ½ hour Havdalah service; this is followed by an hour presentation, and the evening concludes with an interfaith dinner.

Please RSVP for reservations by November 10th: info@congbethdavid.org

Congregation Beth David
Saturday November 19 4pm
Congregation Beth David
3344 East Main Street
Route 343
Amenia, NY 12501

A Chance for Land and Fresh Air, Opening October 22nd

I came upon this hidden history of some 30 Jewish families who beginning in 1907 became dairy farmers in the Ellsworth Hills, where I live, above Sharon, CT. I examined the town’s land records, which, in turn, led me to census data and the archives of the Center for Jewish History in Manhattan, and back to Sharon and Amenia, to conduct interviews and collect family photographs, and other documents. This has led to my role as guest curator of a new history exhibit, A Chance for Land and Fresh Air: Russian Jewish Immigrants in Ellsworth and Amenia, 1907-1940.

The exhibit highlights several families who continue to have farms in the area, including the Gorkofskys, Osofskys, and Paleys.

The exhibit opened with a reception on Saturday, October 22, 2016 and will remain through March 2017.

Marge Smith, Sharon Historical Society Curator, has been instrumental in designing the exhibit. Joel Osofsky, whose grandfather settled in Ellsworth in 1907, has assisted with photographic reproduction and mounting.

For more information, please visit Sharon Historical Society Website or contact Marge Smith, Curator, at curator@sharonhist.org telephone 860-364-5688; or Carol Ascher, at ascher.carol@gmail.com.

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My latest novel, A Call From Spooner Street is available at Amazon. Like my novel, The Flood, and my memoir, Afterimages, A Call from Spooner Street explores the ongoing legacy of World War II on Jewish refugees and their children--this time through the fraught relationship between a retired German professor at the University of Wisconsin and his adult daughter, a sociologist and single mother.


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An absorbing, well written, powerful story, September 30, 2015

I was born in Cleveland three weeks after my parents arrived as refugees from the Nazi regimes of Central Europe. Our home was bilingual, with German the language of nostalgia, frightening memories, as well as intimacy... [Read full biography...]

Selected Works

Three generations of strong-­minded Rosens have gone their own ways, repairing the world while keeping a safe distance from each other, when Peter Rosen, a widowed refugee from Nazi Germany and retired German professor, takes a bad fall in the snow and a call from Spooner Street prompts his estranged daughter, Marlene Rosen, to spend a long stretch in Madison with her ailing but difficult father.
Ten-year-old Eva Hoffman's family, Austrian refugees, have found precarious safety in Topeka, Kansas. It is 1951, the year of the landmark desegregation case. As the rising river inundates the town, the Hoffman's open their home to refugees from the flood, and Eva learns the complexities of prejudice - and courage - both within and outside her family.
"A second generation chronicle that offers rich intellectual insights while stiring our deepest feelings." Leo Spitzer, author of Hotel Bolivia "Pursing her story across two continents, Ascher, the daughter of a Vienese psychoanalyst, explores the unsettling legacy of Nazi persecution on her complicated immigrant family and ultimately on herself, in this probing, well-written memoir." - Alix Kates Shulman
Writer, intellectual adventurer, fighter for personal and political freedom, feminist, and intimate companion to Jean-Paul Sartre for over fifty years, Simone de Beauvoir emerges from this at times highly personal book of philosophical and literary criticism as a woman who plays a major role in the lives of men and women today, and one of the most stunning and provocative thinkers of this century.
Illuminating how work on a subject transforms both the work and the author, this edited collection is an effort toward building a feminist theory of biography.